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Type: DL-FL-50W-01
Light source: LED
Power: 50W
Color of the housing: grey/black
Work voltage: AC(85V-265V)/(50-60HZ)
Power factor(PF): >0.85
Light efficiency: 900-100 lm/w
Lumens: >5000LM
No UV or IR light radiation
Fixture efficiency: >90%
View angle: 120°
Color instruction: >70
Color temperature(CCT): warm white: 2700-3200k
                                    Nature white 4000-5000k
                                    Cool white 6000-6500k
Life time: >50,000 hrs
Luminance decrease: keep lighting 1000hours decrease1%
IP grade: IP65
CE certification
Net weight: 3.5kg
Dimension of the product: 287*236*160mm
Dimension of the external box: 65.5*38*29cm
Quantity (PCS): 4 pcs in a carton


Energy Saving Programs
exterior of building light
on the bill board
LED light in the various fields,the knowledge of its whole knowledge can help us use it more safe and energy saving. With the development of our society,the LED flood light is growing fastly in the markets. When it is used outdoor,it is brighter and consumes less power and energy.


LED flood light series is a new lamps which is more energy-saving than those traditional incandescent bulbs. Traditional incandescent lamp (tungsten lamp) consumes energy a lot, and its life is very shot.As a result, the replacing product is our electronic energy-saving lamps! Due to the use of  new technology, the flood light do not create any environmental pollution. In LED luminous principle, energy saving, environmental protection level are far more superior to traditional lighting products. 

Feature for our flood led light

1. Professional packaging skill for safe transportation;
2. Single powerful LED as the light source, imported high bright semiconductor chips
3. The maintenance should be convenient. Unluckily, a problem occured, customers can repair and replace fixture by the guidebook based on product specifications 
4. Appointed color temperature available from 2700-7000K
5. Start without delay. It can reach its normal working light as soon as it is turned on, avoiding the long-time start process of the traditional light
6. Anodic oxidation aluminum heat sink ensures long life-span of driver and LED
7. Heat sink made from Die-casting aluminum casing and high intensity toughened glass cover for heat dissipation effectively. And it’s specially treated for resistance to ultraviolet and corrosion
8. No UV & IR,and do not contain any Mercury or Lead, not damaging human's health
9. Working without adverse glare or flicker, which reduces vision fatigue and distraction for good light distribution


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