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 Type: DL-FL-A-50W

  Light source: LED
  Power: 50W
  Color of the housing: grey/black/white
  Work voltage: AC(85V-265V)/(50-60HZ)
  Power factor(PF): >0.9
  Light efficiency: 100lm/w
  Lumens: >5000LM
  No UV or IR light radiation
  Fixture efficiency: >90%
  View angle: 120°
  Color instruction: >80
  Color temperature(CCT): 2700-7000K
  Life time: >50,000 hrs
  Luminance decrease: keep lighting 1000hours decrease1%
  IP grade: IP65
  CE certification
  Net weight: 5.45kg
  Dimension of the product: 360*320*102mm
  Dimension of the external box: 63*36.5*45cm
  Quantity (PCS): 4 pcs in a carton


  Energy Saving Programs
  exterior of building light
  on the bill board



LED flood light and its components are all powerful when used for illumination. The quality of them reflect our life quality and social class level.
Owing to our fast development Internet,we have the ability to conduct transaction fastly and widely.

Features and Advantages of led flood lights:

1. Approved by CE, RoHS & IP65. UL Driver is also available.
2. Long life-span:Up to 50,000 hours.
3. High working efficiency and saves a lot energy.
4. LED flood light could be widely used both outdoor and indoor.
4. Work with no flickering, which will protect your eyes better and will be more comfortable.
5. Low power consumption, high intensity, low lumen attenuation.
6. Environment friendly:No RF interference, no buzzing noise, Low heat , no UV or IR radiation ,Not contain Pb and Hg, no pollution, green lighting.
7. IP65. It can be used in outdoor activities lighting. 
8. Wide input Voltage: AC 110V AC 220V or DC 12V or DC 24V for you to choose from, making our product avilable all over the world

High Quality Assurance FOR YOU !

1) High Lumen Efficiency for you
2) High Color Rendering  index
3) No glare lights
4) Good heat Sink for lighting
5) Big brand  led chip with excellent quality
6) High consistency color temperature
7) Long lifespan and good lumen maintenance
8) Large beam angle design
9) Brand New product appearance design


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